20 Empowered Female Activists, Writers, And Celebrities Share Their Hopes For 2018

"That this courage doesn't dwindle one tiny little bit."

As we approach 2018, many of us are thinking about the past year and all the things we learned. Upon reflection, it's important to note the valuable lessons we can carry with us into the new year. 

To hear what others are hoping for in 2018, the folks behind Glamour magazine asked empowered female celebrities, writers, activists, and more to share their thoughts in a video. The video features people such as Lilly Singh, Zendaya, Peggy Whitson, and Aly Raisman


YouTube personality Lilly Singh and Syrian activist and refugee, Muzoon Almellehan, talk to Glamour about their hopes for education. 

"I hope to see every child [have] access to a quality education," Almellehan says. 

"I second that," Singh says. "I think the world would be a significantly better place for all humans living in it if girls got the education they needed."

Actress Drew Barrymore uses this video as an opportunity to encourage women to continue being their most powerful selves as we head into the new year. 

"[I hope] that people don't stop the fervor and the momentum of what is happening for women right now, whether it's the marches, or the being brave and speaking out, protecting one another, that this courage doesn't dwindle one tiny little bit," she says. 

Thoughout the video, these women talk about their hopes for equality, peace and harmony. Body-positive role model Iskra Lawrence says, "We have to educate ourselves. We have to move forward. And we have to do it together."


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