British 'Vogue' Makes History With Its May Cover

"When I say diversity, I want to be clear that it is never just about black and white for me. It’s about diversity across the board."

British Vogue's cover for it's May issue is getting a lot of love — and for good reason. The "The New Frontiers" cover celebrates diversity in the fashion industry by featuring nine trailblazing models such as plus-size Latina model Paloma Elsesser, Korean model Yoon Young Bae, South Sudanese model Adut Akech, and more. Also among them is 20-year-old Halima Aden who made history by being the very first model to appear on the cover wearing a hijab in the 102 years since the magazine was first printed. 


Edward Enninful, who is British Vogue's first-ever Black and male editor-in-chief, proudly shared a photo of the cover on Twitter writing that the models are "each changing the face of the fashion industry in their own way." 

In a piece on the website, Enninful went into more detail about how he hopes the cover will continue the conversation about inclusion in the fashion industry. He hopes the cover, which was shot by photographer Craig McDean, will be a reflection of what the future of British Vogue will look like starting now. 

"Even five years ago – and certainly 10 or 20 years ago – if you were shooting a group cover like this, the girls would not have looked like these young women do," Enninful wrote. "But one of the great positives of the past few months is the fashion industry finally embracing a concept that has defined my entire working life: diversity."

"When I say diversity, I want to be clear that it is never just about black and white for me. It’s about diversity across the board – whether that’s race, size, socio-economic background, religion, sexuality. That’s what I want to celebrate with this cover."

While the fashion industry has had a long history of perpetuating a narrow definition of beauty, these models have worked hard to prove that they deserve a spot on a catwalk, cover, or a million dollar ad campaign. 

"Take Halima Aden and Adut Akech, born in the same refugee camp in Kenya and now standing at the top of their profession. How incredible is that?" Enninful wrote. "To me they represent a new global idea that anything is possible." 

Many people took to Twitter to voice their happiness about the remarkable new cover that celebrates diversity. 

Here's to hoping other leaders in the fashion industry will follow suit. 


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