11 People On What Makes Them Happy, No Matter How Many Times They See It

"When my dogs are hauling ass to come say hello to me."

There are some things that never cease to put a smile on our faces: puppies, laughing babies, our first look at the ocean when the weather's finally warm. But often the things that make us truly happy are far more personal. 

To find out what some of those things are, Reddit user Majestic_Squeegee, asked the online community, "What makes you happy, no matter how many times you see it?"  The question invited several responses by Redditors who shared some repeating moments in life that make them happy. every single time. 

For example, one person wrote that because they themselves can't sing, seeing their daughter perform always brings a smile to their face.

"I have no musical talent, at all. My singing voice is truly horrific ... it's bad," they wrote, adding that they're also not good at speaking in front of large groups. "So the joy I get when my daughter sings the National Anthem before her school's football games or when she performs in plays and sings in front of 100s-1000s [of people] is hard to put into words. I've sat through so many school and community theater plays, but every one of them still brings a smile to my face." 

Another person described a moment we're sure plenty of people can relate to. They commented, "When my dogs are hauling ass to come say hello to me." 

Take a look at some of our favorite comments in the list below, and be sure to find the time to do what makes you happy today and every day. 


1. Witnessing your dog's cutest moments

2. The first snow of the year, a full moon, and more.

3. Seeing someone smile.

4. Seeing people come home.

5. Watching your grandchildren grow.

6. Your baby's smile.

Photo by Carlos Martinez on Unsplash

7. Animals acting like humans.

8. Watching your favorite movie.

9. Hearing your significant other's laugh.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

10. Making other people laugh.

11. Reunions.


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