Apple's Tear-Jerking Clip Doesn't Show iPhones. Instead, It Celebrates Connecting Offline.

It was shot entirely on an iPhone X by Hong Kong director Peter Chan.

The Chinese New Year is just a few days away, which means the world's largest annual human migration is about to begin. To celebrate the occasion, most people in China take a vacation all at once and travel to visit their families. This year, 385 million Chinese people are expected to leave major cities to visit their families in rural parts of the country, according to China News

To celebrate the upcoming holiday and encourage families to film their moments together, Apple has released a short film shot on an iPhone X by celebrated Hong Kong director Peter Chan. But instead of solely focusing on the people on vacation, it honors the people who work through the holiday so that everyone else can see their families. 


The emotional short is titled Three Minutes, and follows the unusual reunion of a mother and her son. According to Apple, it's based on a true story. 

In the film, a mom explains that she's in charge of a train that makes one of the largest journeys in China. The entire trip takes six days and she's often worked during the Chinese New Year. You can imagine that a migration of hundreds of millions of people around the country can make commuting extremely overcrowded and uncomfortable. But for this mom, the worst part is not being able to spend the holiday with her young son. 

This year, her sister, who watches the young boy while his mom is working, comes up with a plan for to the two to reunite for just three minutes as the train pulls into the station in her hometown. The tear-jerking film above shows what transpired during that short but sweet family reunion. 

In just two weeks, the film has been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube. In addition, Apple has released a series of behind-the-scenes videos that show how Chan captured the film using an iPhone focusing in on key aspects such as portrait lighting, time lapse, and developing a unique perspective when you film

Check out the emotional story in the clip above.


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