This Slam Poet’s 'Gender Reveal Party' Involves A Trick Question

“It’s going to take more than one piece to know what to expect when you’re expecting me.”

The gender reveal parties we've covered before have all involved a binary: girls, signified by pink vs. boys, signified by blue. In one gender reveal gone wrong, a couple unveiled a rainbow of balloons instead of pink or blue ones, but that actually may be the most accurate representation of the gender spectrum slam poet Andy Karol elucidates in her "Gender Reveal Party."


"I hope you came hungry because I've been baking all day," she says. "This cake is the moistest representation of my gender that I've ever made … Will I come in pink or blue? Trick question. My gender is a prism. It's going to take more than one piece to know what to expect when you're expecting me."

Andy, who uses female pronouns in her bio, was the 2017 Grand Slam Champion of the Chicago Slam Works' competition and a team member at the 2017 National Poetry Slam. She performed this particular piece at the 2017 Rustbelt Poetry Festival — the same festival at which Daniel read a letter to his eating disorder and poet Amir Safi decried the Muslim ban — and it was posted to YouTube by Button Poetry.

"You came here rolling the dice," Andy continued in her performance, "betting on pink or blue, thinking these odds 50-50, like a color could make everything make sense, could make everything easy."

Andy's poem is an ode to gender fluidity and a takedown of gendered expectations. "My gender is loud," she says. "It's just trying to make up for all those years I put my own hand over my mouth, as if my manicure had more to say than my voice box ever could. Until the day came that I wore down my boxcutter nails clawing into my own throat, taking the choke from the hold tossed to me in every 'should.' You know, 'should' is just the inhale before 'shame.' Every bit of it sucks. I want to live in the exhale, blown so open my layers unfold like paper maps, refusing to become small again."

Watch Andy's full performance below:


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