17 Photos Of #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou That'll Make You Itch To Travel

Pack your bags.

The media can be lazy when it comes to representations of Africa, which has a huge impact on how people outside its over 50 countries view it. News outlets tend to rely on stock images of children with distended stomachs surrounded by flies, and Hollywood loves depicting African men as violent warlords. Constantly being exposed to the same image of the continent is damaging, and can result in people thinking it's some sort of tragic monolith.

But a group of young Africans are showing us a different side to their home by tweeting images of the "real" Africa they know and love under the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou. The movement has gone viral, with over 64,000 tweets so far. If you've never been to Africa, or if you've only been to one part of it, check out these images of what you've been missing.


1. Harare, Zimbabwe, looks unreal.

2. Cape Verde seems to have invented a new shade of blue.

3. Constantine, Algeria's bridges are otherworldly.

4. Somali kids have places to be.

5. So do little Tanzanians.

6. Who is the DJ and where can we find him?

7. Say YAAAAS to the dress.

8. That knitwear game is strong.

9. Skate tricks are alive and well in South Africa.

10. And sometimes school kids join in Ethiopia.

11. Beautiful Bo-Kaap, South Africa.

12. Nairobi, Kenya isn't exactly a village.

13. And people in Kenya's villages are going places.

14. Cape Coast, Ghana's boats beat all the canoes we've ever ridden.

15. Tea time isn't for amateurs.

16. Senegal's not lacking in style.

17. Yep, we think we'll just pack up our bags now.

(H/T: Fusion)

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