British Body Builder Posts Heartfelt Plea Following Manchester Attack

"Let's try today to keep the words terrorists and Muslims out of the same sentence."

In the wake of the bombing in Manchester, England, bodybuilder and social media star Aarron Lambo was mourning for the families who lost loves ones. 

But he also had some other people on his mind. 

"I can't stop thinking about the people that are going to wake up today with a load of abuse and bullying for something that they know nothing about and have not even be a part of," he said in a Facebook post that has now received over 4 million views. "Let's try today to keep the words terrorists and Muslims out of the same sentence."


Throughout the heartwarming video, Lambo appeals to his followers that agree and disagree with him. He urges people to use their voice and says if someone wants to unfollow him because he is standing up for Muslims, they can. At one point, Lambo even criticizes the strict travel ban the United States tried to implement that is currently being disputed in the courts.

"Let's be different," Lambo said. "Don't be scared to have your own opinions. That's what makes us special, that's what makes us different from the rest, and that's what makes us different."

As Lambo observed, Muslims are far more likely to be victims of terrorists than terrorists.  

After his video went viral, he posted a follow up to address some of the hateful comments he had seen. He claimed "thousands" of Muslims had messaged him privately, some saying they were scared to leave the house in the wake of the attack. But then they saw his video.

Perhaps most importantly, Lambo urged everyone not to exclude Muslims from conversations about the attack, or treat Muslims differently in the wake of the attack.

""Maybe go around and see our next door neighbor who has that different faith to us and go make conversation, he said. "Maybe have a convo about what happened last night. Maybe ask him about what's going on in the day and if they're OK — you don't know what they're feeling."


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