The Internet Steps Up After Image Perfectly Captures The 'Selfless' Love Of This Father

Individuals locally and abroad are rallying around this Filipino man and his family.

Locals created a Facebook group for others in the country and abroad to help a Filipino man and his family after a photo of the man and his two daughters at a fast food restaurant went viral last week. In the photo, the two girls are enjoying their meal at a location of the chain restaurant Jollibee, according to commenters on the photo, while their father looks on with an expression that many have been referring to as the selfless love of a parent. 


After another diner posted the photo on Facebook, it quickly went viral under the name "Selfless Father." As of publication, the image has been shared by almost 73,000 people, with many people asking how they could help out the man. 

According to ABS CBN News, Jhunnel Sarajan, the real estate professional who took the photo, returned to the same Jollibee location in hopes of learning more about the father. Ryan Arebuabo, the man in the image, is a 38-year-old single father, who suffered from a stroke four years ago. While recovering, he was unable to work and his wife left with his two daughters, of whom he has since regained custody, the Philippines-based news agency reports. 

Sarajan has since shared information about Arebuabo on the internet, including what others can do to help and a phone number for those hoping to get in touch with the Arebuabo family.

In 2012, about 18.4 million people in the Philippines lived on less than $1.25 per day. In recent years, extreme poverty has been increasing in urban areas of the country that has left thousands without decent shelter. 

According to ABS CBN, Arebuabo receives a conditional government grant every month to help with the educational and health needs of children. Many international NGOs, such as UNICEF and Save the Children, operate in the Philippines and, for those who wish to support others like the Arebuabo family, accept donations to support programs in a specific country. 

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