This Girl's Whole Family Has An Explosive Reaction To Her College Acceptance Letter


They say a family that prays together stays together. For one Louisiana high school senior, the support of her family and loved ones, led with a prayer, was all she needed before opening the email that would solidify her future in education.

In an online video that's gone viral, Jada Wiltz can be seen sitting in front of an open laptop with her biggest supporters all around her waiting to hear the decision of the prominent women's liberal arts college, whose alumni includes the likes of Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Diane Sawyer.


After her father led the group in prayer, the TM Landry College Preparatory student read the response from the admissions office. When they realized she was accepted, the room erupted in screams, laughter and hugs. Wiltz can be seen jumping for joy as cheers rang all around her. She will study math with a concentration in biology in order to become an anesthesiologist.  

"Wellesley is ranked no. 3 in liberal arts colleges!" she tweeted along with the video of her unforgettably joyous moment. "One of the top ranked girls colleges! GO BLUE!"

But her family and friends weren't the only ones celebrating. The College itself responded to Wiltz's tweet, writing, "Congratulations and welcome."

(H/T: NBC San Diego)

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