20 Things That Only Happen When You Travel In Your 20s

No. 5 is all of us.

Ah, your 20s. There's nothing quite like them. These are the years where you're not quite sure who you are, what you're doing, or where you're going. But none of that seems to stop you. 

If anything, it's these moments of uncertainty that eventually become the memories you look back on, and realize that's when you figured out who you really are. 


So whether you're in your 20s or feel like you're in your 20s, you can probably relate to these 20 hilarious, messy, unforgettable things that happen when you're traveling through life with no destination in sight. 

1. Applying all the research skills you "learned" in college to find the cheapest flights possible.

2. Going straight from the bar to the airport for the 5 a.m. flight that was so cheap.

3. Wearing the same two outfits for a week straight because that's all you could fit into a backpack.

4. But somehow still managing to pack something you don’t need.

5. Splitting a vacation home between 12 people because no one can afford their own hotel room.

6. Fighting over who gets the "real" bed.

7. Sleeping squished between two of your closest friends on said bed.

8. Using apps to learn a new language.

9. But only retaining the bare essentials like, "Bathroom?"

10. Until a cute local motivates you to learn more.

11. Taking advantage of every single free tourist attraction to save money for food.

12. Even though the best thing you'll probably eat is some local street food at 2 a.m..

13. And when you finally do decide to splurge on a "must-see" tourist attraction, you get sidetracked by a weird hole-in-the-wall bar ...

14. ... where you become best friends with the bartender who tells you all the underground places locals really go.

15. Feeling like you're invincible — even after you've gotten food poisoning.

16. Convincing yourself a 20-hour overnight bus trip is not only doable, but actually super comfortable.

17. Especially when you've stocked up on snacks, wine, and Netflix downloads.

18. Wishing you could shirk your responsibilities to vacation just a day or two (or three) more.

19. And being just young and foolish enough to actually do it.

20. Because no matter what happens, you know it'll all be worth it when you tell these stories to your grandkids someday (with a few details left out).

Cover image via YIFEI CHEN I Unsplash


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