100 People Reveal Their Last Online Search, And The Results Show We're All A Bit Weird

“I Googled myself. Is that weird?”

Would you rather have everyone know the last thing you Googled, or not be able to use the Internet for a whole month? Depending on what you searched for, you may pick the latter. 

As part of their Keep It 100 series, the folks behind YouTube channel Cut, asked 100 brave souls to reveal some of the last things they searched online, and they're answers are as cringey, embarrassing, shocking, strange, and hilarious as you would imagine.


It's no surprise that folks were a bit hesitant to share their search history.  One participant pleaded no judgement as he stalled scrolling through his phone. The video starts with one of the most unusual search revelations: hydrocele testicles — and it just gets more random (and relatable) from there. 

Some of the most common searches were vocabulary definition checks. "I Wikipedia'd 'absurdism' because I was using it in a sentence and I wanted to make sure I wasn't f*cking stupid," revealed one participant. We've all been there. 

Other searches were shopping related such as, "neon orange spandex bodysuit," "volume mascara,"  "hyaluronic acid," "a horse-sized lamp," and "the pattern of the rug from The Shining"  — you know, normal stuff. 

One of the most striking reveals was from a participant who admitted she searched for "how to kill someone and get away with it." In her defense, she says she only wanted to understand what it truly meant to "get away with murder." 

The human mind is a curious wonderland, as clearly shown in the video. Searches ranged from relationship advice, to weather news, to new recipes, to job searching, to money laundering. It goes to show, we're all a little bit weird sometimes. 

This is just the latest installment of Cut's Keep It 100 series. Previously, they have featured other unusual and funny moments, such as 100 people making out with plexiglass, 100 people dancing, and 100 reacting to balloon pops

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