The 5 Easiest Ways To Shake Up An Old Routine In The New Year

Start today. Thank yourself tomorrow.

As another new year begins, there's no better time to shake up an old routine. If you're looking to get out of a rut — or just add a little extraordinary into your ordinary day — you may think you need to do a full life overhaul to get noticeable results. 

But that's totally not true. Over time, small, everyday changes can add up to big, long-term progress, whereas drastic, overnight changes don't always stick. 

With all that in mind, here are the 5 easiest ways anyone can rejuvenate their routine and reap some powerful benefits.

1. Change your commute.

Photo Credit: Jack Alexander on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Jack Alexander on Unsplash

Though your daily commute might seem set in stone, don't be so sure. Trying out a new route — whether it's via car, public transportation, a bike, or even a plane — can forge a new path to new possibilities. One of which could be, believe it or not, a shorter commute (and a better start to your day!). A 2014 study showed that, after a London Underground strike that forced many subway commuters to find alternate routes, some ended up sticking with their new route because it actually saved them an average 6.7 minutes. Because anyone can make this kind of small change, they can then put any time saved toward pursuing a passion or, even better, discovering a new one. 


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